Large Capacity Industrial Planetary Candy Cooking Kettle with Mixer

Introduction of Commercial Cooking Mixer Machine

1Even Mixing.The agitator in the cooking kettle ensures a consistent and thorough mix of ingredients. Peanuts, sugar, and any other components are evenly distributed, preventing clumps and creating a homogenous mixture that contributes to the overall quality of the peanut candy.

2.Precise Temperature Control.Achieving the perfect texture and flavor in peanut candy requires precise temperature control during the cooking process. The cooking kettle with agitator allows chefs to maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring that the sugar caramelizes correctly, and the peanuts are roasted to perfection without burning.

3.Efficient Agitation.Agitation is a crucial step in peanut candy preparation, especially during the sugar-cooking phase. The agitator in the kettle ensures that the sugar and peanuts are continuously stirred, preventing hot spots and promoting uniform cooking for a consistent and delicious end product.


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