Automatic Fried Vegetables Industrial Cooking Kettle with Mixer

Automatic fried vegetables cooking pot jam planetary stirring cooking kettle is widely used in food production field. It is mainly used to cook and mix high viscosity product, such as candy, caramel, paste, jam, sauce, and also nuts etc.
Main Features of Industrial Cooking Kettle with Mixer

  1. Fully automatic with user-friendly control panel.
  2. Safe operation with automatic pressure release valve, thick steel reliable under pressure.
  3. All stainless steel 304, durable and easy to clean, healthy for food materials.
  4. Planetary mixing system enables fully mix inside the bowl and without any missing.
  5. Thick steel material strong enough to hold the body stable without shaking while mixing with max. speed.
  6. Heating temperature is easily monitored and controlled on the panel with wireless devices
  7. Mixing head is sealed for waterproofing, and maintenance-free for over 5 years.


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