High Quality Large Industrial Blanching Pot

Introduction of Blanching machine:

1.The blanching machine is an ideal equipment in blanching process of vegetables and fruits’ color-protecting, it’s a necessary blanching equipment in pre-processing of quick-freeze, dehydration, freeze-drying.
2.This blanching machine is with characteristics of fast blanching, inhibition of enzyme and color protecting, timely dehydration and cooling, so as to keep the original nature colors of vegetables and fruits.
3.This blanching machine will blanching the food materials, at the same time, the materials will also be cleaned by turning water.
4.The blanching temperature are controlled by solenoid valve, thermal element, and temperature-controlled meter; the blanching time will be controlled by frequency converter, the conveying belt speed can be adjusted. The temperature controller will make the water temperature in water channel to keep the required temperature, the maximum temperature can be 100℃.
5.Our factory can customize different type blanching machine according to users requirements. We can make manual discharging type and belt conveying type blanching machine, the heating type can be customized into electric heating type, gas heating type, and steam heating type.


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