Automatic Chili Paste Sauce Planetary Frying Cooking Mixer

Cooking mixer machine is widely applied in food processing such as viscous syrup, jam, paste, jam, etc. also can be used to boil soup ,water, cook food, stew and porridge. it’s also the best choice for heating and mixing thick products. it is considered to be the ideal equipment in the area of improving quality, shortening the time and improving working conditions.
Cooking Mixer effective sauting method aided by its unique tool and technology makes large volume cooking very easy. With a painted body, SS single layer bowl, lid&mixing arm with SS planetary head assembly, cooking mixer is the ultimate cooking machine.
This equipment is characterized by a stirring head, no need for manual frying, tilting of the pot body, hydraulic control and automatic unloading, which is very convenient. Exhaust gas from the back is centralized, which makes the operation comfortable. The rotation and revolution of the stirring head in the pot can enhance the frying time. The gas combustion/electromagnetic heating is suitable for frying (or baking) vegetables, fish, spices, medicinal materials, etc., and is often used in catering, baking, food processing and other industries.


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