China Manufacturer Large Fried Vegetables Cooking Mixer

1. The fried vegetables machine automatically controls temperature, sets time freely, has electronic ignition, adjustable firepower, variable frequency speed regulation, automatic flipping, electrically controlled up and down, and automatically discharges materials.

2. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel with a curved bottom design, making it easy to clean.

3. Stable operation, easy operation, high production efficiency, and wide application range.

4. Available product production:

(1) Stir-frying: Fried Rice, fried noodles, Fried rice noodles, fried vegetables, fried meat floss, fried meat slices, fried oats, fried laver, fried various dry snack, nuts, etc.

(2) Stewed dishes: beef brisket, pork trotters, ribs, broth, chicken, duck, meat sauce, etc.


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