Industrial Gas Cooking Mixer Machine

Longze automatic cooking machine is mainly composed of pot body, hydraulic lifting planetary stirring device and tilting frame.The pot body is a double-layer structure composed of inner and outer spherical pot bodies. The agitator is scraped and stirred, and the mechanical transmission is carried out. The planetary stirring jacketed pot is divided into manual and automatic in terms of type.

Advantages of gas cooking mixer

1. Easy to operate: The design of the distributor box and the operation are simple and clear.

2.Advanced stirring method: use a planetary stirrer to fully contact the pot body. The stirring system adopts a combination of rotation and revolution, and is matched with an absolutely hemispherical stainless steel pot body to ensure that there are no blind spots for stirring in the pot.

3. Convenient and fast discharging: The automatic hydraulic type of this series of equipment uses hydraulic thrust to turn the stirring arm over, without disassembling and assembling the agitator, and then uses the hydraulic thrust to tip the pot body, which is easy to enter and exit raw materials and save manpower.


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