Steam Industrial Jacketed Kettle with Mixer

Jacketed kettle is widely applied in all kinds of food processing, candy, syrup, lotus paste,bean paste, pastries, drinks, fruit jam, beans,  jujube paste, sauce, curry prepared food and daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other industries, mixing and pharmaceutical, dairy, wine, and other food processing.

Features of Cooking Jacketed Kettle

1. Even heating: Creating a uniform heating on the surface of the kettle. This ensures that the food is heated evenly, reducing the risk of local overheating or burning and guaranteeing the product’s quality and taste.

2. Rapid heating:  High heat transfer efficiency, quickly delivering heat to the food inside the jacketed kettle. This makes the heating process more efficient and energy-saving.

3. Adjustable temperature: Typically equipped with a temperature control system, allowing users to adjust the steam temperature according to different food processing requirements.

4. Safety and reliability: Equipped with professional safety valves and control systems, ensuring that pressure and temperature are monitored during the processing to prevent potential hazards and ensuring the safety of operators.

5. Versatility: Be used for various food processing processes, including boiling, cooking, steaming, and saccharification. It is suitable for different types of food production.

6. Easy operation: The jacketed kettle usually adopts an automated control system, making the operation simple and convenient. Automation reduces the complexity of manual operations, increases production efficiency, and reduces the risk of operational errors.

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