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Large Horizontal Cooking Mixer

Horizontal mixer structure

The horizontal axis cooking pot is composed of four major requirements: the main pot body, the stirring system, the discharging system and the heating system. The main pot body adopts elliptical heads at both ends, cuboid and semi-cylindrical structure, and the jacket is heated. All materials are made of SUS304 high-quality stainless steel, and the inside and outside of the pot are polished to meet the sanitary standard. Semi-enclosed or fully enclosed trough-shaped pot body, the jacket adopts electromagnetic heating, electric heat transfer oil, gas heating, steam heating and other heating methods. The inside of the pot is vacuumed, and the material is processed at a low temperature in a vacuum state to keep the nutrients from being destroyed and achieve the green environmental protection index. The top of the pot body is evacuated, and vacuum frying can reduce the frying temperature, which is especially suitable for frying heat-sensitive raw materials, avoiding the deterioration of color and taste caused by excessive heating, and maintaining the original color, aroma and taste of the raw materials.


  1. William says:
  2. William

    I could probably find space in my kitchen for one of these.

  3. Ava  says:
  4. Bet it smells absolutely wonderful there.

  5. Monica says:
  6. cooking mixer machine very good ,reliable quality.

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