Industrial Vacuum Bean Paste Jam Horizontal Cooking Mixer

This equipment using U type design,and vacuumized from the bottom, enclosed slot kettle.
Heated by electromagnetic or steam in the jacketed layer, heating area large, heating efficiency is high, it can be used for different kind materials cooked by different temperature and heating up speed.
Using advantage transmission and leakproof structure, make sure the transmission part is isolated from the kettle inside, keep the food safety and clean.
Group drived by stepless variable speed device and worm gear and reduction gears working together, increase the power of horizontal axis mixing.
The agitator is made from high-intensitive PTFE(Teflon),safety, innocuity, high temperature resistance,according with International food certification standard.
The kettle lid opening, discharging, restoration are using mechanical transmission controlling, easy operation.
Cooking in vacuum condition, is helpful for lower the cooking temperature,is very suitable for cooking the material which is heating sensitive, avoided color and taste changed because of the heating excessive,keep the original color,smell,taste. Increase the cooking efficiency, save energy.


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