Electric Induction Industrial Caramel Popcorn Machine

Features of Electric Induction Popcorn Machine

1. The pot body of this product is made of a hemispherical stainless steel pot body that is stamped and formed with special materials. The overall roundness error is small, and the fit between the stirrer and the pot body is high to avoid the phenomenon of sticking.

2. Use electromagnetic heating, electric heating heat transfer oil, gas heating, and steam heating.

3. The stirring method adopts special tilting rotation to make the planetary stirrer fully contact with the pot body, realizing the non-integer rotation ratio of revolution and rotation, so that there is no dead angle for stirring in the pot.

4. Using advanced rotating and sealing structure, there is no dead angle in the pot, easy to clean, in line with food equipment certification standards. 5. Using frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily from zero to the highest speed.


  1. Ava says:
  2. very good product,very professional!

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