Automatic Industrial Large Capacity Gas Electric Popcorn Machine

Our Industrial automatic popcorn making machine is a professional mechanical design.It is the best choice for commercial processing machine.

Popcorn machine is specially used for popcorn producing .

 Popcorn machine is produced by special material with stamping molding technology, with small roundness error, the agitator can match with the pot body accurately,this will avoid pasting during mixing and heating.Heating source can be electric induction and gas.Using special slant rotating solution to help the agitator scrape the bowl completely,with the rotation rate of auto rotation and revolution ,so there is no mixing blind corner.Using frequency speed motor, the mixing rotation speed can be adjustable from zero to the highest speed,be beneficial to control the temperature accurately,operating steadily.Hydraulic discharging method,automatic discharging,fully discharged.There is aluminum silicate thermal insulation material,keep bowl warm and prevent scald,it is very suitable for the popcorn manufacturer.


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