Full Automatic Steam Cooking Mixer Machine

This cooking mixer machine is composed of steam heating system,pot body, frame body, stirring system, speed control actuator, stirring shaft, the pot body turning system, etc.

Application of Steam Cooking Mixer Machine

Automatic planetary cooking kettle with mixer is widely used in food production field. It is mainly used to cook and mix high viscosity product, such as candy, caramel, paste, jam, sauce, and also nuts and fried rice ,eggs,etc.

Features of Industrial Cooking Kettle with Mixer

1.High quality stainless steel manufacturing, fully meets the requirements of food hygiene.

2.Compact structure, convenient operation, and maintenance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and long service life.

3.Easy-Operation Control Panel.Easy to be operated for us.Use Siemens automatic or semi-automatic control screen.


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