Fried Eggs Automatic Stirring Cooking Mixer

The equipment can also replace chefs and workers in cooking, boiling, frying, etc. It can use planetary stirring mode, which can scrape the bottom and edge 360 degrees without dead ends; it can also use horizontal horizontal axis stirring pot, U-shaped The capacity of the pot body is larger; the multi-head stirring frying pan is not inferior, and multiple scrapers work together to stir more evenly, the equipment is safe and energy-saving, and it is equipped with multiple safety protection devices to reduce the occurrence of accidents. The operation is simple, the operation positions are simplified, and the process is specialized, which is beneficial to improve the standardization degree of the catering industry. At the same time, it has high efficiency, saves time and labor, and the equipment is equipped with functions such as temperature control, time control, automatic stirring, and automatic pouring, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and labor density of personnel.

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