Automatic Commercial Popcorn Machine and Production Line

The popcorn production line can match the length of the machine and the line according to the customer’s output. The popcorn is popped from a single machine and poured onto the conveyor belt for breakup, cooling, transmission, screening, and direct packaging of the popcorn, which improves work efficiency for popcorn manufacturers. , increased production to meet the requirements of customers with large orders and high demand.

The fully automatic popcorn machine has automatic hydraulic back-turning of the pot, automatic hydraulic discharging, and one-button lifting of the pot. It can quickly cool down after stopping heating to prevent high-temperature waste heat from causing the pot to burn. The mixer does not need to be disassembled and assembled, it is convenient to take out of the pot and saves labor costs. It is a food processing equipment with excellent performance. The speed can also be adjusted from 0 to 30 rpm according to the user’s needs.

The popcorn machine is placed in the conveying part of the popcorn production line. So the length of the production line depends on the number of popcorn machines and the output of the customer.

Optional: 7 meters for 1 set ; 9 meters can accommodate 2 units popcorn machines; 10 meters for 3 units; 14 meters for 4~5 units.


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